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ब्लग - साहित्य / चाडपर्व तथा दिन विशेष सामग्रीहरू

Indira Ekadashi Wrata | Ekadashi Shraddha | Magha Shraddha | World Mental Health Day

Indira Ekadashi 

What is Ekadashi?
The eleventh day of the calendar is called Ekadashi. After the full moon and after the new moon, Ekadashi comes twice a month. The Ekadashi after the full moon is called Krishna Paksha Ekadashi and the Ekadashi after Aunsi is called Shukla Paksha Ekadashi.

Indira Ekadashi and its importance
The Ekadashi of Asoj Krishnapaksha is called Indira Ekadashi and welcome to the Indira Ekadashi for this year.

On the day of Indira Ekadashi, it is customary to worship Vishnurupa Shaligram and make the Shaligram bath in the holy Panchamrit. Taking the vrat of Indira Ekadashi is believed to destroy all sins. According to Hindu tradition, Indira Ekadashi is an Ekadashi within Sohrashraddha, so all the ancestors attend salvation when one observes the brat.

Listening to the story of Indira Ekadashi result supreme divine outcome.

Vratkatha of Indira Ekadasi
According to the mythology, in the Satyayuga, there was a kingdom of a majestic king named Indrasen in the city of Mahishmati. These royals, including their sons and daughters, were full of wealth and were undefeated with their enemies. One day, while the Rajya Sabha of King Indrasen was going on, Maharshi Narad Rishi arrives. When Narad said that he had met Indrasen's father in Yamaraj's Rajya Sabha one day when he reached Yamalok and brought his message, the glorious King Indrasen was amazed at how his father, full of religion, knowledge, and charity, reached Yamalok instead of Swargalok. Narad explained in detail. According to Narad, Indrasen's father was unable to fulfill the patriarchal Indira Ekadashi brat and got left it in the middle towards his attainment of salvation and integration with the supreme entity. After the sage Narad told him so much, King Indrasen observed the fast of Ashwin Krishnapaksha's Indira Ekadashi, this helped his father's soul in its pursuit of salvation.

In some communities, on this Ekadashi day, they worship Lord Vishnu with incense lamps and feed cows with fruits. It is believed that one should not sleep on the day of Indira Ekadashi. That is why people spend their days after Ekadashi vrat by chanting hymns.

Ekadasi Shradhha

As this Ekadashi is largely related to Pitri udhhar, the shraddha karma of the deceased on this Ekadashi tithi is performed today. May they all find their way to the integration with the supreme entity.

Pitri Gayatri Mantra:

देवताभ्यः पितृभ्यश्च महायोगिभ्यः एव च। नमः स्वाहायै स्वधायै नित्यमेव नमोनमः।।
It means salutations to the gods, pitras, great yogis, svaha and svadha all the time.

Pitri, Baitarni and Salvation
With the commencement of the Sorha Saddha may all the godlike Pitri in the Pitri realm between heaven and earth obtain salvation, may all the Pitri cross the Baitarni River, and may the ancestral love be maintained.

May the blessings of the ancestors be maintained, May goodness and good wishes are maintained, and we are the remnants of the ancestors in today's form, aren't we?

Tarpan, Diyo Puja, Vishwedeva Brahman, and other pujas can be performed before the appointed time. There is a belief that if the Pinda is not donated at this time, the Pitris will not get it. Sanatana Philosophy largely acknowledges the importance of Pitri in the existence of life and the universe.

In Vedic Sanatan Sanskrit, Pitrikarma i.e. shraddha is usually performed twice, regular shraddha is performed on the tithi of death and another shraddha is performed during the period of Sorha shraddhas. May peace and happiness prevail in every family with the commencement of this year's Sorha Shraddha Wishing for the salvation of the Pitri who passed away on the Ekadashi Shraddha date.

Magha Shradha
This day is also called Magha shradha as the Magha constellation falls on this day in the afternoon. Magha Tithi of the Pitri Paksha, which lasts from the full moon to the new moon of Bhadrapada, is looked at in a special way.

The star of Magha is considered to be the star inhabited by the ancestors.

Pitru Paksha or Mahalaya Shraddha is also called Parvan Shraddha, performing these shraddha deeds at Kutup and Rohini moments is considered to be very fruitful. Today is also called Kakavali or Valbholani. It is considered very fruitful to pay homage to the children who died prematurely on this date, wishing salvation to Pitris who died on this date.

World Mental Health day

10 October is World Mental Health Day

The overall objective of World Mental Health Day is to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world and to mobilize efforts in support of mental health.

The Day provides an opportunity for all stakeholders working on mental health issues to talk about their work, and what more needs to be done to make mental health care a reality for people worldwide.

Global statistics of mental health
As many as 1 billion people worldwide are struggling with mental health problems, with over 3 million people dying each year from alcohol abuse alone. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that one person commits suicide every 40 seconds in one corner of the globe. The COVID 19 epidemic has created more mental problems and negative and pessimistic thoughts in people around the world. This year's Mental Health Day is very important. Business may be hard or it may be difficult to survive, maybe we are jobless, but after every black cloud, there is a silver lining. We got to live for that lining which shall stimulate our growth and smiles.

It is our responsibility to take special care of those with mental problems and to take the initiative for a healthy and normal life.

History of World Mental Health Day
This day was created to educate the public about mental health and decrease the stigma surrounding mental health issues. While it was first celebrated in 1992, a theme was added for the first time in 1994, which was “Improving the Quality of Mental Health Services Around the World.”

Theme 2023 
Mental health is a universal human right.
The theme for 2023, set by the World Foundation of Mental Health, is 'Mental health is a universal human right'.

- Suyog Dhakal

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