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ब्लग - साहित्य / चाडपर्व तथा दिन विशेष सामग्रीहरू

Kaag Tihar | Dhanawantari Jayanti | Falgunanda Jayanti

Sanskrit Sloka on Kaag/ crow
काक आहृयते काकान्, याचको न तु याचकम्। काकयाचकयोर्मध्ये वरं काको, न याचक:।।
Meaning: When a crow finds food, it welcomes and calls other crows to join unlike humans. Welcome to the Kaag Tihar of this year.

Another great and important festival celebrated by the followers of the Vedic Sanatan Hindu religion is Tihar or Yamapanchak. The first important day of this festival is called Kaag Tihar, this day commences the five days of celebration.

The five-day Tihar festival celebrated from Kartik Krishna Triodashi to Kartik Shulka Dwitiya, begins with Kaag Tihar. Kaag Tihar falls on the day of Kartik Krishna Triodashi. This year Triyodashi and Chaturdashi fell on the same day causing Kaag Tihar, Kukur Tihar, and Narak Chaturdashi on the same day. Kaag means crow, in the Crow Festival, the crow is worshiped as the messenger of Yamaraj, also known as a god of death. On the day of the crow festival, it is customary to worship the crow with respect and give food. Nepali society perceives crow as a message-carrying creature, isn't it?

According to the scriptures, Yamaraj, the lord of hell and death, records the births and deaths of all living beings on earth, including humans. It is believed that the crow brings and takes such details. Yamaraj had appointed Crow as his envoy as he would bring a quick message from the sky. But in the Crow Festival, the crow is worshiped forgetting all these negative beliefs.

In Kagtihar, crows are called to the yard and given homemade food. Today, Dhanvantari Day is also celebrated in the memory of Dhanvantari sage, the pioneer of Ayurveda, who originated the moment of Samundra Manthan on the day of Kagtihar. There is another religious belief that donating Yamadip today will free from Yamaraj's torture. There is a religious ritual to face south when donating Yamadip.

Story of Yamapanchak
Yama, the god of death, had not seen his sister Yamuna for a long time. The Yamuna was very eager to meet her brother and invited him to visit her through various means. There is a story that she met a crow and a dog, a cow, and finally her brother Yama. After meeting her brother, she worshiped him with Tika and flowers and put a colorful Tika on his forehead.

She draws a line around her brother with mustard oil and puts a garland of velvet flowers and dubo on it. In the same order, on the fifth day of Yamapanchaka, the festival ends.

In the hilly districts of far western Nepal, the Crow Festival is celebrated in a slightly different way. In the local language of the far west, this festival called Narahari is celebrated as Maghe Sankranti i.e. Puse Tihar, it is customary to feed the crows selroti and other sweets during this day. Every year in mid-December, the first selroti is given to the crow.

On the other hand, now the enthusiastic people in the village have started preparing for the festival of Deunsi or Bhailo, where to play, who to play and what songs or dances to perform, etc. Good luck to all. Bring good news, best wishes.

Dhanwantari Jayanti

Today is the birth anniversary of Dhanwantari, the doctor of gods or Ayurveda. We have all heard about Ayurvedic medicines. Ayurvedic medicine is the oldest medical system in the world, but its effects have not diminished. This is the unique gift of Lord Dhanvantari to humanity, Ayurveda.

There is a religious statement that Lord Dhanvantari appeared with nectar, Sankh, Chakra, and herbs while churning the sea on this day i.e. on the Triodashi of Kartik Krishna Paksha. Ayurveda is made up of two words "Ayu and Veda". Ayurveda means 'knowledge of age'. Everyone associated with Ayurveda medicine celebrates this day with special significance.

Guru Falgunanda Jayanti

It takes a long time for the arrival of great Gurus into this earth, it is believed that only one Guru is born at a time. Such great personalities, based on their knowledge, experience, and skills, have been guiding society towards the positive path and showing the way to salvation for ages and today we are going to reveal the facts and histories of the birth anniversary of such a man.

Guru Falgunand, who was born in Ilam, Eastern Nepal in 1942, is believed to have had wonderful and miraculous qualities.

Role of Guru Falgunanda
Guru Falgunand has played an invaluable role in bringing the highly decent and nature-loving Kirant community living in the hilly districts into the mainstream of development, deepening them socially, economically, and culturally, and influencing education. Similarly, Guru Falgunand has a huge contribution to bringing the Kirant community out of the orthodox tradition. This is the reason why even today, after hundreds of years, the work and fame of Guru Falgunand is being praised in the Kirant community.

Guru Falgunand's full statue is established in Timae, 1, Shantinagar, Jhapa. Today, various events and gatherings are held there. Similarly, the Government of Nepal has started construction and development of the road connecting China through Damak, Jhapa, Ilam, Taplejugan, and Panchthar as Falgunand Highway. Similarly, the Falgunand Cup football tournament is also being organized in Eastern Nepal.

However, these meetings and gatherings are condemned for this year, but the respect towards Guru Falgunanda and acknowledgment of his contributions have no limits.

Football tournament is organized every year in Phidim of Pachthar district however, this year could be a bit different. The Government of Nepal has also issued postage stamps in 1993 with a picture of Guru Falgunand, a follower of love and non-violence.

The Guru of the Kirants, Falgunanda Lingden, is a well-known Guru, Satyavakta, and Sadhu of Nepal. The divine wisdom and the ultimate truths he gave still show the true path in different periods of human life. In memory of this social engineer and master of social and spiritual thought, Falgunanda Jayanti is celebrated all over Nepal today with various programs and cultural exhibitions.

The Kirant community not only in Nepal but all over the world celebrates Falgunanda Jayanti on this day, especially in Nepal, Bhutan, India, and other places where his name is taken with great pride.

The Limbu Conference was organized for the first time in Nepal in 2070 BS by embracing his divine word and knowledge delivered by Guru Falgunanda. The conference, held under the theme "Dignity, Self-Dignity, Prestige and Identity of Indigenous Peoples Limbuwan National Awakening, Kiachu Yuppa Tangberen Hekam" The aim was to build a common understanding on various issues.

- Suyog Dhakal

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