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Kamika Ekadashi


Krishna Paksha of Shrawan  Welcome to the Ekadashi which falls on the Krishna Paksha of Shrawan, this holy Ekadashi is divinely named Kamika Ekadashi. One who fasts this day and honors Lord Vishnu gets rid of sins and attains lord Vishnu after death. Salvation is the eventual pursuit of Sanatana philosophy, the attaintment of Lord Hari or Vishnu is salvation and every Ekadashis are the divine doors to do so. Relevance of Kamika Ekadashi from Bivarta Purana Today I would like to turn the pages of Brahma Bivarta Purana on the auspicious occasion of this year's Shravan Krishna Ekadashi i.e. Kamika Ekadashi. It is written in the Ekadashi Mahapurana that one who listens to this Ekadashi Vrata Katha with devotion attains Baikuntha. Here is the context in which Yudhisthira himself asks Krishna. O Gobind Dev, please tell me the story of Kamika Ekadashi. Krishna answers, O King Yudhisthira, the truth-teller, and the great sage, of course, I will tell you in detail about this Ekadashi, about its vows which also bring about the remission of all sins. I would like to add another context, where Narad Muni once asked the creator Brahma about this Ekadashi. Although each Ekadashi has its own significance, the significance of this Ekadashi Kamika in the dedication of agriculture and rain of Shravan month is vividly different. The result obtained after fasting this Ekadashi is as equivalent as performing Ashwomegha Yagya, the ultimate and herculean Yagya which takes a huge effort and sacrifice to get accomplished. The fruit of this Ekadashi fast is more than taking a morning dip in the Ganges of Kashi or doing penance in the forest of Naimishrayan or Puskar. The importance of this Ekadashi for human welfare and salvation is actually described in several scriptures. In Krishna's words " It is said that fasting on Ekadashi is more fruitful than bathing in Kurukshetra on the day of the solar eclipse, more than bathing in Gandaki river where Shaligram resides, more than bathing in Godavari, donating cows and calves". The spiritual relevance The biggest disease and contagion in life is when we don't admit the mistake we have made, we fight with ourselves and laugh at our self-esteem. This Ekadashi has appealed to the devotees to come to the path of devotion by confessing their sins or mistakes and fast with devotion and dedication. Even more than the study of the entire Vedas, Gita, and Puranas, the one who admits his mistake and fasts on this Ekadashi gets more salvation integrals. It is said that devotion to Lord Vishnu, the Lord of the Universe, and Hari, by offering basil leaves in devotion to this God, is associated with virtue on this Ekadashi. While worshiping Lord Hari, the leaves and buds of Tulsi are given the same status as gold, silver, or diamonds and the leaves and buds of Tulsi are equally important in this Ekadashi.

Even Yamaraj (God of the death) could not reckon the death of a devotee who offered water to Tulsi with devotion, such people have a higher spiritual consciousness. There is not much motivation to go to rivers or lakes in this Ekadashi, perhaps due to the increased and water level and dangers associated with it.

The use of grains and salt is forbidden in this Ekadashi. Although the importance of Ekadashi is so great, this Ekadashi Vrata Katha is not as special as other Ekadashis. However, let me write a summary of Vrakakatha, a rich man from a certain village accidentally kills a Brahmin by mistake.

He is liberated by fasting on Kamika Ekadashi, as the sages say, in order to atone for sins and atonement, even for murder. This Ekadashi is a wonderful Ekadashi, wishing a clean mind, a healthy body, and a peaceful earth. May this Ekadashi neutralize all unwanted harmful microorganisms and reestablish the devotion.

Suyog Dhakal

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