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ब्लग - साहित्य / चाडपर्व तथा दिन विशेष सामग्रीहरू

Kusmaanda Nawami Barta

Kartik Shukla Paksha
Today's ninth day of Kartik Shukla Paksha, today's special day Kushmand Navami is known as Akshay Navami, Amla Navami, and Dhatri Navami. Today the amla tree is worshiped. There is a religious belief that Lord Vishnu resides on the Amla tree from Kartik Shukla Nawami to Kartik Purnima.

Today, in addition to Amla tree, Lord Vishnu is also worshiped according to the rules and regulations. On the day of Kusmaand Nawami, there is a scriptural statement that by bathing, worshiping, offering tarpan and donating food, one can get inexhaustible fruits.

What happens in Kusmanda Nawami ?
The grand fair of Kushmand Nawami is held at Kusmaanda Sarovar Trivenidham in Hetauda however this year circumstances are adverse. In this fair, bathing, kubindo donation, havan, bhajan kirtan, and other programs are held and a religious bath in 108 holy tabs is encouraged. There are worships in Kusmaanda Bhagwati's temple, Ganesh temple, Brahmakund, Vishnupaduka's 108 Gaumukhi dharas, Kusmaanda Bhagwati sarowar, Shivalaya, Radhakrishna temple, Havan Kund, and other Bishnu temples.

Pauranik story of Kusmanda Nawami
Today, Lord Vishnu killed a monster named Kushmandak and a wave of Kusmaanda or Kuvindo came out of his hair, and for the same reason, it is believed that donating Kusmaanda or Kuvindo on this day is believed to bring good results.

Happy wishes

-Suyog Dhakal

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