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Social Work Day

The day honors social workers' sacrificial efforts and perseverance. On this day, a global association of social workers promotes best practices in social work while fighting for social justice, human rights, and social development. There are numerous roles for social workers in our communities. They evaluate the requirements and difficulties of their clients and the community. As advocates, they speak out for their clients, secure the resources they require to enhance their quality of life, and inform others of what to do in an emergency. Additionally, social workers respond to catastrophes.

World Social Work Day is promoted by the International Federation of Social Workers (I.F.S.W. ). Since 1983, the Federation, a global, non-governmental association of social workers, has collaborated with other groups to promote international collaboration and honor the achievements and efforts of social workers all around the world. The organization focuses on a different theme every year. I Am Because We Are: Strengthening Social Solidarity and Global Connectivity (2021), Promoting the Importance of Human Relationships (2020), Promoting Community and Environmental Sustainability (2017), and Promoting the Dignity and Worth of Peoples have been some of the themes over the years (2015).

Theme 2024:
This year’s theme is ‘Buen Vivir: Shared Future for Transformative Change’, which is rooted in the Global Agenda and emphasizes the need for social workers to adopt innovative, community-led approaches that are grounded in indigenous wisdom and harmonious coexistence with nature.
Utmost wishes

-Suyog Dhaka

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