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World Newah Day

Last Saturday of March
Since 2018, the last Saturday of March every year has been celebrated as World Newah Day. Welcome to 7th World Newah Day.

Regarding the celebration of this year's Newah Day, the Nepal Chapter of the World Newah Organization has stated that a formal program will be held at Historical Patan Museum, Keshav Narayan Chowk at 8:30 am. This day is being organized to unite the Newars all over the world.

Even outside Nepal, Newah have been celebrating various festivals. Currently, Newah of America have been celebrating Yenya: Punhi, Sithinakh, Saparu, Pahanch: Hare, Yashmari Punhi, and other festivals. There is a growing trend of celebrating these different festivals in Canada, Australia, Japan, and other countries in Europe.

The official website has information about this year's World Newah Day. The official website of the World Neva Organization

World Newah day.
In most of the foreign countries where Newah people reside, the practice of celebrating Mhapuja every year had already started. During these festivals, the entire program focuses on cultural activities. There is some time to discuss on Newah language, culture, and rights. Therefore, the celebration of World Newah Day has been started in 2018 AD to discuss language and culture, raising awareness on a specific day for these activities.

At present, there is a special discussion on the big problems that are trying to displace the local people, culture, and heritage of the Kathmandu Valley in the name of development. Newah The community is culturally very rich. Let's create solidarity to protect our culture.

Newah people spread around the world do something that represents their Newah culture and proudly show it to the rest of the world to raise awareness about the greatness of their culture. They prepare and eat Newah food, sing or dance to Newah songs, watch Newah movies, read Newah books, play Newah games, or do anything convenient or possible for them to do from where they are in the world. If you share your photos of the World Newah Day celebration on social media, please use the hashtag #WorldNewahDay

1st World Nepalbhasa Poetry Meet
World Newah Organization is observing this day this year for four Saturdays starting from 30th March 2024 with the “1st World Neaplbhasa Poetry Meet” in which fifty-seven renowned and emerging poets will recite their works online from around the world including Durgalal Shrestha, Narmadeshwor Pradhan, Pratisara Sayami, Bhushan Shrestha and Sneha Sayami among others.

World Newah Anthem
This year, fifty artists and social activists from around the world have also come together to launch a World Newah Anthem. Written by Lok-Kavi Rajbhai Jakami and music by Joogal Dangol, the inspirational song conceptualised by WNO President Sanyukta Shrestha has been enacted by renown artists and global community leaders of Newar community including Madan Krishna Shrestha, Ashishma Nakarmi, Bhintuna Joshi, Yaman Shrestha, Ganesh Ram Lachhi, Daya Ratna Shakya, Bal Gopal Shrestha, Season Shrestha, Rukmani Manandhar, Kesharman Tamrakar, Samir Maharjan, Manohar Shrestha and Mahindra Pradhan among others.

Worldwide Events
Some of the events being organised worldwide to mark the 7th World Newah Day are as below.

1. Organiser: World Newah Organization (Centre)
World Newah Nepalbhasa Poetry Meet 1144 (31st Mar - 20 Apr 2024), online

2. Organiser: Canada Newa Guthi
World Newah Day (31st Mar 2024), Cultural show & quiz at Bukhara Grill, Brampton, Canada

3. Organiser: Newah Organization of America (Seattle chapter)
World Newah Day (30 Mar 2024), children's art competition at Shoreline Masonic Center, Seattle, USA

4. Organiser: Pasa Puchah Guthi UK London
World Newah Day (30 Mar 2024), Newah Games and Feast at Monkey Temple, London, UK

5. Organiser: World Newah Organization UK Chapter
World Newah Day (30 Mar 2024), Newar Manuscripts Preservation Project launch, Online

6. Organiser: Nepa Pasa Puchah Amerikaye
World Newah Day (30th Mar 2024), NPPA Patron & Life Member Honor program in Washington DC, USA

7. Organiser: Newa Guthi New York
World Newah Day (30th Mar 2024), Dhimay dance workshop & Si Guthi at Dharma House, New York City, USA

8. Organiser: WNO Nepal Chapter
World Newah Day (30th Mar 2024), Patan Museum, Lalitpur, Nepal

9. Organiser: Newah Kahala Hamburg & WNO Europe Region
World Newah Day (31st Mar 2024), Nepalbhasa Scholarship honour program in Luneberg, Germany

10. Organiser: Newah Guthi New Zealand
World Newah Day (31st Mar 2024), Auckland Council, Auckland, New Zealand

11. Organizer: Newah Pasa Pucha Spain
World Newah Day (30th Mar 2024), Newah Picnic in Barcelona, Spain

12. Organizer: Colorado Newah Khalah
World Newah Day (30th Mar 2024), Colorado, USA

13. Organizer: World Newah Organization Netherlands Chapter
World Newah Day (30th Mar 2024), Newah Feast in Leiden, Netherlands

14. Organizer: Nrityamandala Mahavihara
World Newah Day (30th Mar 2024), Portland, Oregon, USA

15. Organizer: World Newah Organization USA Chapter
World Newah Day (30th Mar 2024), Ajima Jatra at Grapevine Lake, Texas, USA

16. Organizer: Nepa Community USA
World Newah Day (30th Mar 2024), Kalash Yatra at Hindu Buddha Mandir, Baltimore, USA

17. Organizer: Newah Organization of New England, USA
World Newah Day (31st Mar 2024), Yoga & Interaction in Arlington, Massachusetts, USA

18. Organizer: Newah Nakha New York
World Newah Day (23 & 30th Mar 2024), Newah Civilization Interaction & Kids event, online

19. Organizer: Newa Cultural Society of Alberta, Canada
World Newah Day (30th Mar 2024), Interaction and culture show, online

20. Organizer: Callijatra
World Newah Day (30th Mar 2024), Ranjana script workshop, Janabahal, Kathmandu, Nepal

-Suyog Dhakal

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