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Zero Discrimination Day

Zero discrimination day Audio Cast

Zero discrimination day is observed each year on the first of March. This day addresses the full spectrum of discrimination prevailing in this globe, not confined in any or limited aspects of discriminations this day is a day for addressing all sort of discriminations hampering the goal of a sustainable and pluralistic society.

What is a pluralist society?
A pluralist society is a society in which different groups and individuals with diverse values, beliefs, and interests coexist and participate in public life. Pluralism recognizes and values diversity, and holds that no single group or individual has a monopoly on truth or power.

In a pluralist society, individuals and groups are free to organize themselves according to their interests and pursue their own goals without being dominated or oppressed by others. This means that there is a level playing field in which various groups and individuals can compete for influence, resources, and power. Pluralist societies are often characterized by a wide range of political, cultural, and social institutions that provide a space for different voices and perspectives to be heard. They also tend to have a strong commitment to individual rights, freedoms, and the rule of law, which provide a framework for managing conflicts and resolving disputes between different groups and individuals.

The first observance of zero discrimination day.
This year is more focused on gender equality and empowerment. The United Nation first started to observe this day on March 1st, 2014, the dignity of everyone is enshrined in the universal declaration of human rights yet the human right violation are occurring and reoccurring all over the world due to discriminatory laws, values, and practices. Zero discrimination day is a joint action against discriminatory laws and practices. Mobilizing action and increased awareness can only combat against discrimination, this day advocates for equality through empowerment. May this world celebrate the differences, individuality, inclusion, and humanity while promoting tolerance and peace.

Theme 2024
On Zero Discrimination Day this year, under the theme 'Save lives: Decriminalize', UNAIDS is highlighting how the decriminalization of key populations and people living with HIV saves lives and helps advance the end of the AIDS pandemic.

Wishes from the nation of Mount Everest wishes from Nepal.

- Suyog Dhakal

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