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Bijaya Ekadashi

It was a long time ago in Dwapar Yuga that Dharmaraja Yudhishthira got curious to know about the importance of Falgun Ekadashi. He revealed his doubts to Lord Shri Krishna. Lord Shri Krishna told about the importance and story of Falgun Ekadashi and said that O Kunti Putra, first of all, Narada Muni had learned about the story and significance of Falgun Krishna Ekadashi fast from Brahma Ji, after that you will know about it.

The history is of Treta Yuga, when Lord Sri Ram, in the pursuit of finding Mother Sita, took Sugriva's army to battle Ravana and left for Lanka, then the vast sea stopped the way before Lanka. There were very dangerous sea creatures in the sea that could harm the monkey army of Sugriva. Since Shri Ram was in human form, he wanted to solve this problem in the same way.

When he wanted to know the way to cross the sea from Laxman, Laxman said, "Lord, though you are omniscient, yet if you want to know, then at the distance of some Kosh from here a sage Bakadalbhya lives. We can get some solution from him.

Thus Ram went and met the sage. The sage told him that if you keep fast on Ekadashi of the Krishna Paksha of Falgun month with all the army, then you will be successful in crossing the sea and at the same time, you will also conquer Lanka by the glory of this fast. When the time came, according to the law laid down by Muni Bakdalabhya, the whole army including Lord Shri Rama fasted on Ekadashi and made Rama Setu, crossed the sea, and defeated Ravana.

This Ekadashi is all about victory, may this day grant victory for all.

Suyog Dhakal

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