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World day to combat desertification and draught

One thing is bright! Nature does not follow us, and we must follow nature. The World Community has been celebrating World day to combat desertification and drought every year since 1995 on June 17th, to raise awareness and solidarity in the world community against increasing desertification and drought.

The 2021 Desertification and Drought Day to be held on 17 June will focus on turning degraded land into healthy land. Restoring degraded land brings economic resilience, creates jobs, raises incomes, and increases food security. It helps biodiversity to recover. It locks away the atmospheric carbon warming the Earth, slowing climate change. It can also lessen the impacts of climate change and underpin a green recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

 From food security to environmental issues, land conservation, and other issues, this special day has been working to shed light on the world community. Draught has also been interpreted to some extent as a natural effect where the local climate changes drastically, and the productive lands gradually become unproductive as the productive capacity of the lands decreases. Similarly, desertification is the worst-case scenario where most areas are barren. Land-dependent human communities, agriculture, animal farming, and, most importantly, declining food production, drought and desertification ultimately increase poverty.

 With the increase in the human population, land distribution, division, and use in the last century have been truly tragic. Almost all the countries on the world map are at risk of drought and desertification sooner or later.

 In Nepal, there is a growing desire to build a real forest rather than a fertile field. We acknowledge the victory in settling a house by unsettling a field, but we also should understand that the farm and its productivity light a fire in our kitchen and satisfy our hunger.
 The real use of land is agriculture. However, with the rise of land mafia and real estate trade on the world map, unfortunately, land use is being misinterpreted.

 This may be the reason why 810 million people around the world are affected by the food crisis today. Laboratories/ factories that can make big airplanes, computers, and machines have not been able to make a single pinch of soil by themselves. Have you heard of a soil factory? Remember that the rarest and vital things in the world are soil, water, sky, fire, and air. As the five elements, Vedic Sanatan Samskara has called for the protection of these things. This balance between land, home, and the future is our co-existence with nature.

 The world has also seen a lot of people moving from one place to another as the productivity of land has decreased. If we can love the earth, the area loves us, let's enjoy the tree and pay attention to the conservation of the soil.

 Let the clouds carry water and spray the land, let the greenery not leave behind, and let there be ample growth of green fields instead of concrete houses. There is a loving relationship between clouds and streams of water. Where there are clouds, streams of water will flow, and where there are streams of water, greenery will not leave. There is greenery in the soil and life in the greenery. Hail!

 Suyog Dhakal

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