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World Laughter Day

Unquestionable fact: Life comes only once and it's our responsibility to live every moment. Let's forget all afflictions, let's laugh and live for a while, shall we?

The faces inside the masks, the screams inside the pain, but in the hope of a future to come, everyone has a lot of love and memories. Stay safe. Today is World Laughter Day, let's talk about laughter for a while.

I like to present laughter from a philosophical angle, the most expensive thing in the world is laughter. We spend our whole lives buying this laughter, laughter is the only expensive jewel that people wander around in search of for a lifetime.

A child laughs even when he gets a little wooden bird, a sweet smile that cannot be bought even with thousands of rupees. One mother laughs when she meets her children, another laugh that millions can't afford. And a man with millions, millions of bank balances, even if wears silk fabrics and is in an expensive car, he can't even laugh at the taste of expensive foods. Laughter is a link that makes the rich poor and the poor rich.

Now that we have talked so much about laughter, let us ask ourselves, how much laughter have we borrowed in our lives? Let's not forget to laugh. Laugh with an open heart, let's laugh. If there is one thing the world lacks today, it is laughter. The day was first observed on May 6, 1998,, in Mumbai, India.

This year, India is hard hit by COVID, and India and nearby nations are at utmost risk. Let us also remind the world that these nations need help to restore the laughter they always created humbly.

Laughter is a positive and powerful emotion, it adds juice and hopes to live. Today also advocates world brotherhood, fraternity, and peace. Let's not forget to laugh and don't forget to live in every laugh. A thousand lives in one moment and a thousand happiness in one laugh. Keep searching for happiness.

Suyog Dhakal

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