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NRN (Nonresidential Nepali) day

Human beings are naturally nomadic creatures, and people do not live in a confined space within the geographical boundaries of a country or a province. Birds, rivers, winds, and people have a history of always moving from one place to another. Now the world is being defined as a village. This means that we are all the same villagers of the village called Prithvi or this planet earth.

With today's Non-Resident Nepali Day, Nepali living in other countries for 6 months or more carrying a Nepali passport for employment, migration, or education are called non-resident Nepali. Also refers to Nepali who have accepted foreign citizenship.

The Non-Resident Nepali Act, 2007, clarifies that members of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) do not include Nepali-origin citizens residing in SAARC countries and long-term students living abroad and foreign employees of the Government of Nepal.

At present, the investment and support of non-resident Nepali is increasing in different parts of Nepal. Defined as a mutual garden of 4 barnas and 36 jaats, the identity of us Nepali is now growing beyond the borders of Nepal. In the international arena, the presence of Nepali among the brave, courageous, honest, and creative people is increasing. Every year on Ashwin 25, the day of non-resident Nepali is celebrated. The sentiment and goodwill of non-resident Nepali towards Nepal is commendable.

The participation and investment of non-resident Nepali in shaping modern Nepal is even more important this year, 2020. Nepali society and businesses suffering from the Corona pandemic need more special participation of non-resident brothers and sisters, this year Nepali are meaningful to their cross-border members. There is a need to wait for the meaningful participation of NRN members.

Through this article, we also appeal to our non-resident Nepali brothers and sisters for the opportunity to import or invest in technology in Nepal, the land of our ancestors. Where would our soil be if we didn't build it?

Within the identity of the same umbrella of Nepali scattered outside the country, may Nepal be able to change the dimensions of harmony and development, good luck to all.

Suyog Dhakal

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