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Prajatantra Diwas


The smell of revolution has again started to appear in Nepal, roads are filled with demonstrators and the speeches are furious. Now the leaders are on the roads against another leader and group, the Prajantra diwas, or National freedom day of Nepal in the year of 2021 AD is on a quite different verge.

Parliament has been dissolved and the political stability gained by the three levels of elections held after the two Constituent Assembly elections is completely disintegrated. Whether it is the tension between the parties or the misfortune of Nepali soil, this year's Democracy Day is taking a breather between the deserted House of Representatives and the crowded Maitighar Mandala, Ratna Park, and the streets.

Last month of Magh, we celebrated Martyrs' Day and on this day of Falgun 7, Nepal is celebrating Democracy Day in honor of the democracy brought about by the sacrifices of the heroic martyrs.

The freedom dreams and aspirations of independent Nepali have been embodied in these democratic practices. Before 70 years, in 2007 BS, Nepal withstood a revolution against Rana rulers and on the day of Falgun 7 finally, freedom was achieved. That is, today and its name was "Democracy or Prajantantra".

The first premise of democracy is that the state system should not discriminate between citizens in any way. Freedom of expression, including freedom of movement and respect for dissent, are the pillars of democracy. In a democracy, the system of governance is run by the elected citizens, in this sense, the practice of governance by the people for the benefit of the people can be understood as democracy.

Why have the elected representatives not been able to save the democracy and freedom brought by so many sacrifices and insurrections? This year's Prajantra Diwas needs an answer. The disintegration of the parliament and the conflict between the parties, after all, where are these steps leading our nation?

Is democracy unsuitable for Nepal?
The economy, ravaged by Corona's terror, is once again hit hard by shut down and the series of Nepal banda and roadblocks. After all, it is time to think about why Nepal's democracy could not protect the people's right to sustain.

On average, 1500 Nepali are leaving their nation per day in pursuit of their livelihood. What sort of incomplete democracy have we established? It lets us speak, move, write but there are smaller rooms to sustain and smile.

The pillars of borders are misplaced every day, the spades and plows are being rusted as there are no arms to use them and save the pillars.

If this a democracy then we have to relook for it.

May this democracy get the hands that can use it properly, may it get the food, and may it reduce the pain of Nepali. Nepal needs an equal, and progressive democracy under its nationality.

Suyog Dhakal

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