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World Radiography Day

Every year on November 8, World Radiography Day is celebrated. Radiography is commonly referred to as X-ray or radiation and is of great importance in modern simple medical systems. Many people consider radiography to be their life goal or career. When we go to the hospital, our X-ray radiographers, our X-ray report doctors, MRIs, CT scans, ultrasound, echocardiography, and angiography technicians operate sophisticated X-ray equipment. Becoming an exemplary charioteer of health technology these radiographers contribute in both invasive and non-invasive aspects of our diagnosis and treatment.

Today is considered a day to spread information and awareness about radiography and radiation therapy all over the world. X-rays detect the presence of bones, cavities, and any foreign matter inside our body, fluoroscopy can be done by exerting pictures of the organs inside the digestive system and an RI can make 2D and 3D maps of the tissues of our body.

Similarly, information about blood vessels is given through angiography and it is found out whether there is smooth blood circulation in them or not. Ultrasound can be used to find out about the internal organs of the body without chiropractic, while it is used to find out about the health status of the baby in the womb, the development of the organs of the body. In addition, in some countries in South Asia, sex determination has been banned due to the misuse of abortion by finding out whether the unborn child is a boy or a girl.

This is not to say that radiography has all the pros and cons. Anyone who comes in regular contact with it can have health problems. Today is also dedicated to all those radiographers who are standing in the field of high radiation day and night for our health treatment. Proper management of radiation in health facilities is essential for the health of radiographers. Our salutations to those radiographers who are staying and have stayed fearlessly on the frontline of COVID treatment.

X-rays, once washed in the darkness of the darkroom, are now being transmitted digitally, and the importance and role of radiography in health care is growing, but there is a need to raise more awareness.

Suyog Dhakal

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