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Shitalaasthami Vrata

In the months of Chaitra, Baishakh, Jyeshtha, and Asar, on the eighth day of Krishna paksha, the fast of Shitala Ashtami falls. The Shitalashtami fast, which invokes and worships Shitala Bhagwati to protect oneself from the effects of natural calamities and diseases, has its significance and achievement.

In almost 365 days of the year, every day is a unique celebration with spiritual and religious significance. Many important tithis and dates are disappearing in the Sanatan civilization, which is full of excitement and special worship. Hamro Patro, the most downloaded mobile application in Nepal, has been defining these days of eternal civilization through technology.

The Shitalashtami fast is also called Basauda in the Terai region and Basera in the Kathmandu Valley. This summer fast is specially worshiped to ward off wounds and dizziness. It is believed that the stove should not be lit in Vratalu's house on this day, so it is customary to make offerings and prasad one day in advance and offer them to Sheetla Bhagwati the next day.

The Vrata Mantra
वन्दे,हंशीतलांदेवीं रासभस्थांदिगम्बराम्॥
मार्जनीकलशोपेतां सूर्पालंकृतमस्तकाम्॥

The meaning of this mantra is (I worship Bhagwati Sheetala, who is sitting on the back of a donkey, Digambar, holding a broom in her hand, and holding an urn, carrying a nanglo on her head).

Good luck to everyone on this fast. Take care of yourself next summer.

Suyog Dhakal

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