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ब्लग - साहित्य / नेपाली चाडपर्व तथा विशेष दिनहरु

Sonam Lhosar | Gyalpo Lhosar | Sri Ballav Jayanti | Makar Snan Ends

Last year was the year of the rat, coincidentally, last year people all over the world had to hide in their own homes like mice. Hopefully, this year will be as strong and productive as the ox. Welcoming you to a brand new year of ox, happy Sonam Lhosar 2021.

"lho" means year or samvat and "chhar" means new. Welcome to the New Year of the ox under Sonam Lhosar. Let's exchange joy and good wishes on the occasion of this new year.

Studying various books and researches written about the Tamang community, "Ta" means horse and "Mang" means fighters. In this sense, the community of brave tamangs isis really popular not only in Nepal but all over the world for their courage, bravery, and fighting skills.

On this day, the Tamang community celebrates Lhosar with special traditional and cultural significance. In this way, the Tamang community living in the high hills and hilly areas of Nepal, as well as in the densely populated nations of Buddhism followers, including the northern neighbor China, celebrate this day with joy.

The Tamangs are known as a nature-loving community, especially in Nepal, where the Tamang worships nature on the occasion of Sonam Lhosar. In this community today, daughter Cheli is worshiped and provided with "Tika" on their forehead. As Sonam Lhosar is a national holiday, it is customary for the head of state and other dignitaries of Nepal to officially wish Lhosar.

The names of these years are found in the names of animals and creatures such as rats, cows, tigers, cats, eagles, snakes, horses, sheep, monkeys, birds, dogs, and pigs. These 12 years are also considered as twelve zodiac signs.

The practice of celebrating Lhochhar in Nepal is also believed to have originated from China and Chinese-administered states. There are ample grounds for believing this. Even in the Chinese calendar, the New Year is addressed by the names of various animals. However, the Tamang community uses its calendar, which is different from the Chinese calendar.

The Tamang community is truly an exemplary community where all the members of the community come together to celebrate the festival and convey the message and culture of simple and polite sociable nature.

Best Wishes. May good wishes and hopes follow everyone, may the moon always stand right to us.

Gyalpo Lhosar

Gyalpo Lhosar, a cultural festival celebrated by the Sherpa community every year on the day of Phagun Shukla Pratipada, is being celebrated today by organizing various programs.

From Devkota's Munamdan's story to Sarubhakta's thangala, and various foreign films: Caravan, the world-famous English-language film Everest, shot in Nepal two years ago, are replicas of Himalayan terrain and lifestyle. Today, in Nepal, the land of the Himalayas, the head of the world, wishing for all humanity and nature, including nature and mountains, colorful flags, and mantras inscribed with peace will fly with the speed of the cold winds of the mountains. Happy Gyalpo Lhosar 2021.

The Sherpa community living in the mountainous region of Nepal celebrates Gyalpo Lhosar for 15 days. The Sherpas come a month before Lhosar to paint their house with Asthamangal symbols, throw away the garbage, clean it, and buy new clothes.

Lho means year and Sar means new, let's welcome this Gyalpo Lhosar with joy. Although this Gallup Lhosar is not just a festival associated with a particular community, it is a common offering today.

There are three types of Lhosars. Lhosar is specially called Gyalpo Lhosar, which is celebrated by the Central Himalayan community. Sherpa, Tamang, Gurung, Humli, Mustangi and Manangi are some of the common communities involved in this Lhosar.

Gallup Lhosar has been celebrated as the Spring Festival since the time of the ninth king of Bhot, Ude Gungyal.

Gyalpo Lhosar is also called Halmo Lhosar, but both have the same meaning. Today, new clothes are worn and water is worshiped at the water sources. After the pooja, the water brought from there is offered to the family deity. Also, on this occasion, sweet food is eaten and dancing is enjoyed. This festival is celebrated in Nepal, China, Mongolia, Burma, Sikkim, Bhutan, and other countries. Gyalpo Lhosar is a national holiday in Nepal.

May peace and harmony prevail in our lives this year.

Sri Ballav Jayanti

This world will remember Acharya Ballav, the great guide of the Vaishnava sect and the founder of the pure dualistic philosophy. Today, Sanatan Sampradaya around the world is celebrating the birth anniversary of Acharya Ballav, an influential devotee of Lord Krishna and a full exponent of Krishna philosophy.

Acharya Sri Ballav, a great philosopher and an ardent advocate of the path of devotion, is also known as the 'Founder of Realization'. Shri Ballavacharya composed many languages, texts, and hymns. Among them, Yamunashtak, Balbodh, Siddhanta Muktavali, Pushtipravahmaryadabheda, Siddhantarahasya, Navaratnastotra, etc. are remembered as his famous works.

Besides, Mr. Ballav translated many texts in Sanskrit into simple language for the general public to understand. Today is the birth anniversary of Mahaprabhu Ballavacharya.

He was born in 1479 in Banaras. He died in 1531 AD.

Acharya Ballav introduced the very concept of vacuum or emptiness, many people failed to understand his idea and manifest of thought. His ideas were therefore called "Sudhhadwet". The most amazing part of his ideas are these ideas are still very contemporary and convincing. To closely understand the value of life and its real meaning and to redefine your understanding of aesthetic and metaphysical presence, reading Ballavacharya can be of great help.

Utmost gratitude to this great soul. This world needs more like him.

Makar Snan Ends
The holy Makar bath, which was started by burying bamboo poles at the confluence of Krishnagandaki and Trishuli rivers at Devghat, has officially ended today.

On the eve of Maghe Sankranti, after the burial of bamboo poles in Dobhan, the holy Makar bath begins. Since the Sun enters Capricorn from Sagittarius on that day, this day is called Capricorn Sacrament and the bath starting from that day is called the holy Makar bath.

Pilgrims participate in this holy bath which runs throughout the month of Magh. It is said that the participation of pilgrims in Devghat has decreased this year as in other years. May this year's holy Makar bath relieve our pain and distress.
Hail to all.

Suyog Dhakal

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