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International Day of sports for Development and Peace

Recently, a tripartite football match between Nepal, Bangladesh and Kyrgyzstan was played at Dasharath Stadium. The series of this same match also united all the three countries and the world. Such games are organized sometimes in the World Cup, sometimes in the SAG games, sometimes in the Euro Cup and the American Cup in different places and for different games. Sports and physical activity unite people, countries and communities.

Sport has the power to change the world. It is also a fundamental right, a powerful tool for strengthening social ties and for sustainable development and peace and unity and respect. Through our unique individual skills and collective strength, we can come together for development and peace and outline creative ways for our health and well-being through sports and physical activity.

Celebrated every year on April 6, International Day of sports for Development and Peace advocates that physical activity and sports can unite people and communities around the world.

When a large crowd of spectators gathers at the Kirtipur ground to watch Nepali cricket, no one in the crowd is rich or poor, no one is big or small, or no one is from the hills or the Terai. All are the same, all are Nepali. As many may have noticed, there is hardly a sense of unity in the crowd chanting the slogan "Nepal Jindabad" when Nepal wins any game. This is the effect of the game, the world can identify the mainstream of peace and development based on this common formula of the various games that unite the world.

This year's International Day of sports for Development and Peace is the eighth edition of Covid's Infection Risk. On August 23, 2013, the General Assembly of the United Nations declared April 6 of each year as the Sports Day for International day of sports for Development and Peace.

The effort to unite the world through sports must come true and it is necessary. This year, people around the world who have been trapped in uncertainty in their own homes while maintaining social distance have suffered more stress, depression and melancholy than in other years. The importance of sports and physical activities to get rid of all these things and lead a happy life is even more in the world this year.

There must be more grounds than houses. It is important to have an environment where you can learn to play, and to make sports an integral part of your life for people of all ages. Every generation in the world today needs a generation that can accept defeat and join the group or team to win. Sports should always be a pure sport, not politics, whatever the relationship between India and Pakistan, the world is eager to see them compete in the upcoming World Cup. No matter how much rivalry there is in the game, the habit of the players shaking hands with each other or exchanging jerseys in football after the game is described as pure brotherhood. May it last forever, good luck today.

Suyog Dhakal

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