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ब्लग - साहित्य / नेपाली चाडपर्व तथा विशेष दिनहरू

Haritalika Teej Vrata

The day when he will be mine as he will come to take me in a decorated chariot (Doli).

उसकै नामको सिन्दुरपोते दिन आउँछ अरे
 रातो डोली सजाएर लिन आँउछ अरे

Above lines are the line of a song that depicts the feeling of a woman and her excitement followed by her love for her beloved husband. Let me begin, the entire creation and mankind are based upon the love and attachment between a man and woman, Sanatana philosophy frequently acknowledges this love and attachment with its several festivals, commemorations, and relevance.

Teej comes with the signature song of each year. This year, Bishnu Majhi's song "Jailaima Ho Jailaima" has warmed up the market, besides Samjhine Pani chamkine and several other songs have magnified the Teej fascination of this year.

Ladies in red are seen dancing and smiling everywhere, they celebrate the love, compassion and their family hood, there are so many stages today and so many songs, let every song and each dancing moves prosper love.

For the protection of the husband and the family, it seems as if God Himself falls to the ground for the unwavering good fortune of the women who are fasting today and for the smiles. Today, heartfelt adoration of faith and tradition is practiced. Today, we would like to modify the practice of fasting and waterless fasting and advise to fast easily and simply in a way that suits our health. After Parvati fasted for Teej intending to get Shivaji as a bridegroom, there is a belief that Teej has become popular. Today, Shiva temples and shrines have a special crowd of pilgrims. The prehistoric Pashupatinath temple complex is adorned with red, cheerful, enthusiastic married and unmarried women.

Adding to Teej's vibrancy are Teej's folk songs and original music. Every year hundreds of new Teej anthems come and go with different musical signatures in Teej's enthusiasm. Whether it is a song played on a loudspeaker or with clappings, the importance of music is very high in Teej, whether it is improvised, whether it gives the fragrance of Nepali soil.

Today, various television channels and radio broadcast live programs of Teej, which are organized in different places. Red color and joy will flow in the Nepali media today. Magazines will also be filled with sharp pictures and word content. Today, the hearts of most Nepali women, including Sanatan Hindu women, are painted in full color.

Although Teej is widely regarded as a women's festival, it is very important for both men and women. Just as women have been allowed to fast for their husbands and future husbands, there is no such thing as a fast dedicated to women. However, by carrying their responsibilities, men can be more responsible for women, increase their love and harmony, and flow their love for as long as they live.

We studied how the word 'Teej' got its name. I am keeping the information received here. We also found that the story of the naming of this festival in the second half of the rainy season, which is a kind of insect that comes out in the rainy season, thus the word "Teej" is related to the insect's name. On the other hand, Tihar is considered to be a festival of prosperity and Teej also came from the festival Tihar in the form of Teej.

May the broken relationships be healed by the grace of this Teej, may the feelings be connected, and thousands of strong dreams of every Nepali couple be fulfilled. A small question to male friends, what gift do you plan to give to your fasting wife or girlfriend? If someone has found a way to fast for themselves, a phone call or a meeting in the evening will honor both fasting and love.

Best wishes

Suyog Dhakal

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