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World Consumer's Right day

Raising global awareness for consumer rights and needs is the vital necessity of today, we all are a consumer differently and features and our demands and rights must be protected and preserved. Globally, consumer the right is frequently interrupted by market abuses and social injustices, undermining consumer rights is a direct violation of human rights and their form.

 The world is connected by technology and these technical platforms in themselves are the biggest marketplace, the scenario of consumer rights has been changed a lot since its first emancipation. The consumer right day of march 15th connects to the march 15th of 1962 when former US president John F Kennedy delivered a special message to US Congress with an apparent address to the consumer right globally. The message was about advocating for the protection of consumer rights. In commemoration of the same day, Consumer Rights Day is celebrated on March 15 every year.

After Kovid, there has been a flood of online buying and selling in Nepal as well. Thus, protecting the rights of consumers online may be one thing, but on the other hand, it also raises the issue of physical goods and environmental protection. The slogan of World Consumer Day 2021 declares for solidarity to fight against plastic pollution. "Tackling plastic pollution".

Competition and consumer protection can create a context of economic growth and poverty alleviation in a developing nation like Nepal. Competition creates innovation in the producer's arena and creates a more open and competitive business environment enabling employment opportunities and community involvement. On the other hand, consumer protection benefits all consumers by assuring that they are consuming non-hazardous products and services, delivers them informed choice decision making and bringing several alternates to their palate.

 Consumer right is also about empowering consumers, Nepali consumers are considered one among the aware and empowered consumers dealing with domestic and multinational products for a long time. Internationalization and institutionalization of consumer rights related laws are the need for today, UN guidelines for the protection of consumer right has been playing a substantial role in the global market. Consumer right day advocates for the economic and social well-being of consumers across the globe wishes of a meaningful consumer right day to all responsible service and product generators and aware consumers.

 Suyog Dhakal for Hamro Patro

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