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Zero discrimination day 2021

“Zero Discrimination against Women and Girls.”

A blueprint for a Zero Discrimination Day has been drawn up to advocate for a non-discriminatory environment before the law and its observance. In 2014, the then UNAIDS executive officer, Michel Sidibé, announced the start of the day at an event in Beijing.

"Make some noise against discrimination" is a common term still heard to this day.

This day has been advocating for equality for HIV victims and sexual minorities. Discrimination exists at different levels and strata of society and zero possibility of discrimination is essential for an inclusive society.

The slogan for this year's March 1 Zero Discrimination Day is "Zero Discrimination against Women and Girls."Nirmala, Bhagirathi, and many other anonymous Nepali daughters are still waiting on the other side of life in the hope of justice. There have been many sexual equality exercises in Nepal in recent years. Thousand cases are still seeking justice. Adequate work still needs to be done against gender discrimination in Nepal.

Let these issues reach society and the parliament today. Let the issues be heard, let justice reach every doorstep. In the case of women's equality, Nepali law has not been as effective in enforcing what is written on paper. To eliminate discrimination, the foundations of law and society need to be strengthened.

It is still necessary to eradicate all discriminations based on religion, caste, caste, language, and culture prevailing in Nepali society. Apart from this, discrimination against HIV-positive people, discrimination against gender and sexual minorities, and many other types of discrimination must be eliminated from Nepali society.

May this day of zero discrimination be an alarm for all of us. May we not tolerate any sort of discrimination and may we never do such.

Suyog Dhakal

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