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National Day of Law in Nepal

Background of Kanun Diwas

Nepal has been celebrating Baishakh 26 as National Law Day (Kanun Diwas), the day when Nepal issued the Judicial Act in 2009 BS. The need for the judiciary to play its role with a greater sense of responsibility to uphold constitutional supremacy and the rule of law in Nepal, and to protect the rights and freedoms of citizens, is being emphasized today.

Emergence of an independent judiciary in Sovereign Nepal, A history

In any case, with the emergence of an independent judiciary in Sovereign Nepal, we would like to summarize the history of Nepali judicial history by describing more beyond the summary of these allegations, incidents, and decisions made above the court. The history of Nepali justice has come here through the Malla Kalin justice system, the proverb of going to Gorkha if justice is not given in the time of Ram Shah. As the pages of history unfolded, the executive, the judiciary and the legislature remained in the hands of the Rana rulers until 2007 BS, National Law Day is the day that Nepal got an independent judiciary by establishing the Central Court for the first time in the year 2007 BS after the success of the revolution of Falgun 7. Gradually, in 2009 BS, the First and Historic Court Act 2008 was issued as Nyayalaya Ain. This was the act that provided that the decisions of the Supreme Court would be irrefutable and final. This was the starting point of Nepal's independent judiciary to this day.

This day is also considered as the day when the foundation of democracy and human rights was laid in Nepal. It is believed that justice day will ensure the access of the general public to justice and increase respect for the judiciary.

Activities in Kanun Diwas

May the effectiveness of justice be maintained in the holy land of Pashupatinath, may the rule of law prevail and the law prevail. On this day, the courts of all the three levels leave for the District, Punarabedan, and Supreme Court. Today, a special program is organized in the afternoon at the Supreme Court premises and various programs are organized in the institutions related to the courts across the country.

An unpleasant mixture of politics and the judiciary is what today's Nepali court needs to get rid of. Let the white sentiments within the black coat be transparent, let the long and equal hands of the law be on everyone's head, let the law not be bought and sold.

Meaningful wishes

Suyog Dhakal

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