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ब्लग - साहित्य / नेपाली चाडपर्व तथा महत्त्वपूर्ण दिनहरू

Falgun Purnima

Happy Holi in a Nepali way!
Holi Heyyyy

Who could arrest the rising and receding sunlight of this life?
Who has imprisoned color or shackled beauty?

Why bother to take these efforts? Every Hears out there, a very happy holi, festival of color and friendship wrapped in the packages of smiles.
Above lines are inspired by the couplet of renowned Indian poet/ lyricist "Sahir Ludhianvi", an effort to bring the infinity of pervasive sunlight and the importance upon the freedom of colors. Before getting into the Holi context, please allow me to bring the importance of colors in our life and their significance upon freedom and purity. Colors are the truest and purest appearance and no one ever have ever been successful in restraining these colors or changing their colorfulness. Colors are the best adjective to define or describe anything, as a small kid I remember describing my school picnic to my father. My description was filled with colors, Dad the forest was green and the river was flowing brown, the color of small boat was green and the sailor was wearing black shirt. I bluntly remember that particular picnic incidents but I apparently remember the color, color of the bus, my attire and my friend's too, color is unforgettable and color is the best description. It has a huge impact on human life, perception and thinking pattern, Holi is the day when Sanatan followers observe the importance and freedom of colors in their lives.

My mind grabs Holi memories as a box of crayons, the whole village, city and surrounding looks like a box of crayons and people and color becomes one in this day. The only festival in this earth which describes life as a rainbow, welcome to the Holi of this year.

Some people prefer color in their life but for me, I prefer living in color and living as color. Lets play Holi buddies, If possible, we would print a few drops of cold and clean water from Nepal by patching it from your mobile screen.

Take some time for yourself, visit relatives, or send a message or phone call at this spring festival of joy and excitement.  Wherever you are, whatever you are doing and in any situation, Holi's diverse colors and enthusiasm must touch you.

About Holi Many timeless works and songs have been composed in different periods in Nepal and India, with the grace of this sacred feast that has been practiced since time immemorial, all of us lovers of dreams can find colors, rejoice and rejuvenate. Whether it is the Ayodhya kingdom or the Awadh state, the Mithila kingdom or any corner of the world, the background of this great festival of spring is described by the tradition that celebrates it. Holi festival begins formally after a ceremonial Chir (A tradition pillar standing ritual) at Basantapur in Kathmandu.At the Gaddi baithak of Hanuman Dhoka Kathmandu, a three stored chir is placed. This signifies the victory of truth over untruth and later this chir is dissolved at Tudhikhel.

The ashes of the burnt chir is perceived very holy and positive and is carried back home by devotees. Holi resembles with the Bhakta Prahlad of ancient times, he was conspired to get burnt by his own aunt (Dad's sister) under the consent of his dad. Bhakta Prahlad was accused of worshiping Lord Vishnu and chanting his hymns and prayers, Later his aunt gets burnt and he gets protected, a strong message is the delivered to the world that the truth is glorified against untruth.

Holi is also cited in Vawisya Purana and Narad Purana, it is also stated that on the day of this Holi Lord Krishna killed the demon "Putana" in her attempt of killing lord Krishna during his childhood. Upon this victory of Lord Krishna, residents of GokulDham celebrated the day by marking the village, houses and faces in blue color, the color of humanity and peace.

Blue is also the favorite color of Lord Krishna. The shadow of the full waxing moon and the prayers of holi and songs, the brightness in darkness, the depth of the heights and the smiles and ecstasy, Holi is everything a human heart desires to pump happily. Today is a public holiday in Nepal, Kathmandu valley and hilly areas celebrate Holi on the full moon day however the Terai observes Holi on the next day. This is because the Mithila Parikrama ends on the full moon and they observe Holi next day.

"Malpuwa" a traditional sweet is very popular in Holi and Taruwa, Varuwa's (Traditionally deep fried vegetables) are popular in Terai region. Be it hills or flat lands, Nepal is colorful in holi, the ponds in terai are totally colored in the real color with semantic significance of integrity, brotherhood and inclusion. The colorful villages and cities of Nepal are missing you, a huge wave of happy holi to everyone out there.
Happy Holi, Jogiraa sarararararararaaa

Suyog Dhakal for Hamro Patro

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