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Aja Ekadashi: Lord Vishnu in the form of Risikesh

Two days after Krishna Janaasthami, Aja Ekadashi falls every year. Aja Ekadashi is also known and addresses as Kamika Ekadashi and Anand Ekadashi however, Aja is more popular. In this month of Shrawan, auspicious Aja Ekadashi is entirely dedicated to Lord Vishnu and goddesses Laxmi. 

The eleventh day of Krishna Paksha in the month of Bhadrapada of each year is called "Aja Ekadashi". This day is celebrated as a fast and festival by the followers of Sanatan Dharma living in different countries including Nepal and India.

According to the scriptures, Chakravarti King Harishchandra had regained his lost family and kingdom by fasting on this day. King Harishchandra of ancient times could not pay the price of his deeds and gave up all his kingdom and wealth and made himself and his family slaves of King Chandal.

After spending many years as a slave, truth-teller Harish Chandra became very worried about his condition. At that time, to relieve his worries, he met a sage Gautam. After Harish Chandra expressed his concern to Sage Gautam, Sage Gautam asked him to fast on Ekadashi called Aja of Bhadrapada Krishna Paksha. The king then regained his family and kingdom after he observed fasting on this Ekadashi. From that time onwards, it has been believed that fasting in full observance of the rules and regulations of this Ekadashi will destroy all kinds of sins. Aja Ekadashi is the third Ekadashi under Chaturmas. On this Ekadashi day, like other Ekadashis, one should follow the rules and methods of fasting and worship Lord Srihari in the form of Rishikesh.

 Rishikesh of Lord Harihari is the land given to sages by Lord Vishnu to protect them from the misery and suffering of demons, where Lord Vishnu himself is present with his divine power. While fasting on this day with a pure mind, Lord Vishnu delivers from all sorrows and it is believed that the fruit of Ashwamedha Yajna will be obtained only by hearing the story of this Ekadashi.
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