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World Animal Day

Human beings like us breathing, hunger, love, kindness, anger, jealousy, moving creatures have been with us since before human civilization. Sometimes in the forest, sometimes in the barn, sometimes as food, sometimes for protection, and millions of other uses and accompanying human beings have been using animals. But how many animals and their importance have been faithfully presented in these thousands of years of cooperation?

How many garments and other things are made of animal bones and skin? The same people who manifest documents for freedom and sovereignty rejoice in the zoo to see animals imprisoned for life in closed rooms. Let's try empathizing these animals, are we able to deliver them their kind of livings?
Every year on the 4th of October, Animal Day is celebrated all over the world and the human responsibility and relationship with animals is explained with interdependence. Today, animal rights organizations and animal rights activists come together to say that this world should be a better planet for both humans and animals.

Animal issues make headlines and features in newspapers and other media, with various slogans calling for an end to animal violence. Sanatan Samaj is the only community in the world where animals have been given the place of God. Bhairav's wahan is dog, Parvati's wahan is cat, Ganesh's wahan is mouse and all the wahans of God are revered as animals.

 Festivals such as Dog Festival, Cow Festival, and Cattle Festival has redefined the presence and importance of animals in this world. Every one of us can open up the world of animals to a great extent. Some animals are dangerous and some are friendly, but everyone has the same right to live on earth.

 It is important to understand animals not only as food, goods, products, or slaves but also as good friends and equal creatures. Heinrich Zimmermann, a German writer, celebrated World Animal Day in 1925, about 93 years ago, in Berlin, Germany. The day was formally celebrated on October 4, 1929, the birthday of the Italian Saint Francis of Assisi, who has been known as the promoter and promoter of an environmentally friendly and animal-friendly society since the 11th century.

 May we all succeed in establishing a healthy and friendly relationship between animal rights and human animals. Happy Animal Rights Day to all

Suyog Dhakal

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