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International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

The world and civilization are unique, the people of the small groups and communities, in the beginning, invented and used society, civilization, language, agriculture, profession, education, business, money and many more, respectively.

But during this civilization, there are also some inequalities and inhumane practices, one of which is racial discrimination. The vicious form of exclusion and intolerance is continuingly manifesting itself in sports, media, on the streets, workplace and into almost every gateway to power and access. The world is striding and struggling to combat racial discrimination, slavery and apartheid are long abolished yet the ugly face of racial discrimination ironically exists in societies and public discourses.

This world needs respect and acceptance regardless of one's race, religion or any form of other identities, the day against racial discrimination reinforces this message. Combating all forms of discrimination against racism is the only way to the mainstay of peace, especially in our diverse societies.  Against the discrimination between blacks and whites, and against some of the remaining traditional remnants of slavery, a protest against racial discrimination has been celebrated on March 21 every year, since 54 years ago.

In a peaceful rally organized against racial discrimination in South Africa in 1979, the day is commemorated by the brutal killing of sixty men by police inhumane oppression.

#FightRacism is the global hashtag used to mark this day and create a digital campaign against any form of racial discrimination.
Each and every one of us, each day can can stand against racial prejudice and intolerant attitudes, can't we?
Meaningful wishes on this day.

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