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Social reformation day of Kirant

Today, few people are interested in raising the issue from Yerjuveda, the word Kiratan is used in Yerjuveda and Sanskrit this word means very cheerful and in simple words attractive and good people. In this sense, Kirant community and culture of these knights, hunters, nature lovers and good people is a matter of pride.

And we have read about the reigns of the Kiranti kings in ancient times, there is an apparent evidence that Kiranti kings ruled ancient Kathmandu for 1963 years and 8 months.

The first Kiranti king is Yalambar and the last king is Khigu. The ancient Sambat of the Kirants is about 1780 years older than the Vikram Sambat, now just imagine how ancient and historic is Kirant?

Thus the ancient system of governance and the reform and development-oriented Kirantis were replaced by the Licchavi rulers in 158 AD. The word Kiranta Arjuna is also found in the Mahabharata, it’s the warrior form of Arjun. It’s the apprentice form for war skills of Arjun. From ancient archery to modern day warfare, the heroic Birangana is known as the Kirant community and the Kirant religion.

The original deity of Kirant is called Tagera Nigamphu, while the idol of Kiranteshwar Mahadev of Kathmandu Pashupati and the immense reverence of the Kirants towards it identifies them as a Shiva-loving community. Kirant religion is a very practical religion and civilization.
These devotees, who have earned a name for their love of nature and courage all over the world, have been celebrating the 24th of Baishakh every year as Kirant Social Reform Day.

Kirant Dharmaguru and Nepal's 16th national icon Falgunanda Lingden had issued 10 points for religious reform on Baisakh 14, 1988 BS in Silauti, Panchthar district, calling on 10 Limbuwan and 17 Thum leaders (including Mahachumlung).

In remembrance of that day, the Kiranti community has been celebrating Kirant Social Reform Day on Baisakh 24 every year. The point issued by Falgunand Lingden has been accepted by the Kiranti community as the true religion.
These 10 points proved to be a cornerstone to end the cults and superstitions prevailing in the Kiranti community. The main points of the reform were that everyone should walk the path of peace, that no one should be subjected to violence, that the culture and traditions should be maintained in the same way, that the home and family of others should not be ruined, and that alcohol should not be consumed.

The birth anniversary of Falgunand Lingden, who made a significant contribution to the upliftment of the Kiranti community immersed in ignorance and superstition, falls on the 25th of Kartik, the Government of Nepal has decided to celebrate this day as a special day.

Based on the ancient lifestyles of the Kiranti community, including archery, the world-renowned computer game company Unisoft has also created a video game called Far Cry Four. Apart from this, many other ancient structures showing games like Temple Run etc. have brought down the Kiranti lifestyle and bravery. Glory to Nepal. I wish all the members of this community progress.
Best wishes to all Kirant brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, best wishes to all of us, on Kirant Social Reform Day.

Narshing Jayanti

Lord Narasimha is considered to be the fiercest incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Narasimha or Narasigha Nar, the unitary form of man and lion is Narasimha incarnation.  The human body is thought to have the fierce shape of a lion's head and anger like a lion.  Devotee Prahlad is the son of Holika's brother who cite when we celebrate the burning of Holi.

Pauranik Relevance of Narshimha Avataar

After the death of King Kashyapa, his eldest son Hiranyaksha became king, but he was a very cruel king. When the chain of his sins and cruelty crossed the line, Lord Varaha annihilated and killed him. Hiranyakashipu asked Lord Mahadev for the gift of immortality, which Lord Mahadev refused.

Knowing this, Hiranyakashipu devised a plan and asked for another gift, and said:

I will not die inside or outside.
Neither on earth, nor in heaven, nor water.
Don't die with weapons, don't die with arms.
Let me not die at the hands of men, nor let me die at the hands of animals.

At this request of Hiranyakashipu, Lord Mahadev became introspective. Having received this gift, he now considered himself immortal and declared himself God. Sometime later, a child named Prahlad was born in the palace of Hiranyakashipu. Prahlad began to understand his father's claim of being a god and rejected the illusion that his father was God.

Hiranyakashipu made many attempts to remind myself that I am God, there is no other God in this world, but Prahlad was never ready to accept his father's words. When no solution was found, the demonic king Hiranyakashipu, angry with his son Prahlad's faith and devotion to God, used to try to kill Prahlad by inflicting many sorrows and tortures on him, creating many obstacles in his attention and devotion.

One day, Hiranyakashipu tied his son Prahlada to a pillar of the palace and struck him with a sword. Then the pillar exploded and with a roar Lord Vishnu appeared in the form of Narasimha with half body male and half body lion.

Infuriated by the extreme torture inflicted on the devotee Prahlada by Hiranyakashipu, Lord Narasimha carried Hiranyakashipu on his lap and in the twilight evening, the lion's sharp claws tore his stomach. The followers of Vedic Sanatan Dharma, have a tradition of fasting on this day for good fortune to this strange God. Since Lord Vishnu took the incarnation of Narasimha on this day, this day is being celebrated as Narasimha Jayanti.
Best wishes

Suyog Dhakal

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