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Sanatan culture resembles the evolutionary theory, Matsya Jayanti

Following the pathway of Sanatan culture when we dig into the creation of this universe and world, it resembles the first avatar of Lord Vishnu which was the fish. This fish avatar is known as Matsya avatar, this resembles the theory of evolution by Darwin where he states the evolution journey from the unicellular creature, aquatic reformation till today's form of manhood. Matsya Avataar during the Satya Yuga (Initial Yuga of Sanatana era), Matsya appeared during the apocalyptic phase and this fish was a one-horned fish with immense power.

In every Tritiya 93rd day) of during the bright fortnight of the moon on Chaitra month, Matsya Jayanti is observed recalling the role of Matsya avatar during the apocalypse. This Jayanti occurs in between the Chaitra Navaratri, this Navaratri is the exact replica of Bada Dashain's Navaratri which honors different forms of Goddesses Durga. Matsya Jayanti is a specific day, a huge crowd is seen in the temples of Lord Vishnu with a grand celebration and divinity. the vrata refrains observers from even drinking water, nights are commemorated together with chants and prayers offered to Lord Vishnu. Reciting Matsya Purana and Vishnu Sahastranam is very auspicious, May Lord Vishnu who is gloriously present on the Sesh Naag, who loves the lotus plant and whose omnipresence manifests the truth and compassion in this globe and further, may he bless us and bless this mankind.

Wishes for a meaningful Matsya Jayanti

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