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Mohini Ekadashi | World Press Freedom Day | World Day of laughter

Mohini Ekadashi falls in the Shukla paksha of Baisakh month. In Sanatana mythology, Mohini is the name of the disguised form of Lord Vishnu which appeared in the form of Mohini Ekadashi. Observing this Ekadashi washes every sin committed in this life and also from previous lives, this Ekadashi delivers more results and glories as achieved by donating a thousand cows or rendering huge charity.
Related to the ancient incident of "Samundra Manthan" when a dispute emerged between gods and demons upon the consumption of Amrit (Immortal nectar). This was when Lord Vishnu took a form of a beautiful woman "Mohini", engaging demons by her beauty gods were able to drink the immortal nectar and defeat demons. This is my this is called "Mohini Ekadashi", Mohini translates to mesmerizing beauty. Ramayana also cites this Ekadashi, Lord Rama observed this Ekadashi on his pursuit of finding Sita, Mahabharata also brings this Ekadashi where Yudhsithira observes this day with this true wish to institutionalize truth by defeating Kauravas.
May the grace flow within and out.

World Press Freedom Day

Let's talk about the fourth organ of the state today, let's talk about the press and its freedom.

Every year on the 3rd of May, the issue of freedom of the media is celebrated around the world by advocating and debating on issues, criteria, and importance, remembering and honoring the contribution of journalists who were at risk and lost their lives in newsgathering. Press Freedom Day has been observed around the world since 1993 when it was ratified by the United Nations General Assembly.
Democracy and the right to information are undermined when the media does not disseminate free and fair news.

In today's world of advocacy for freedom and fairness, the press is censored, banned, journalists are imprisoned, attacked, and even killed in more than a dozen countries. Today, there is a universal effort to educate the general public and the world about the importance and freedom of the press. In addition, today serves to give journalists around the world a lesson in the importance of press neutrality.
With the advent of democracy in the last decade, there is a growing enthusiasm for press and journalism in Nepal. Today, there are hundreds of radio stations in the sky that broadcast Nepali content and context, this is transformation compared to the old days when only radio Nepal was available as shortwave after pulling and pushing the antenna.

Similarly, many communication centers have been established in various forms including TV, magazines, and online. This is a remarkable development. However, like the challenges that come with every development, how much has the essence of press freedom and fairness been addressed and incorporated in Nepal? Why just in Nepal, in the world? This day asks us for the pursuit of the answers upon press freedom and neutrality. Every year, media representatives from around the world will gather in Jakarta, the capital of the Asian country of Indonesia, to confer the title of UNESCO Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom. This year could be different because of the COVID 19 outbreak.

Today, the world needs a right and positive press rather than misleading the people or spreading tragedy. Heartfelt salutations to these professionals who persistently risk their lives to convey accurate, truthful, and fair news. And this is the wish of Nepalis, not to make the press an arena of politics and business in the future as well.
News and information is our right and press security and freedom is also our responsibility
Meaningful wishes

World Day of laughter

I like to read laughter from a philosophical point of view, laughter is the most expensive thing in the world.
We spend our whole lives to buy this laughter, laughter is another expensive jewel that people wander around in search of for a lifetime.
A child laughs even when he gets a little toy, a sweet smile that cannot be bought even with thousands of currency.

One mother laughs when she meets her children, another laugh that millions cannot afford.

And a man with millions, trillions of bank balances, even if he affords neat clothes in an expensive car, he can't even smile at the taste of affluent dishes.

Laughter is a link that makes the rich poor and the poor rich. Even though labor is hungry, he sings a song with a sweet sigh and smiles under the Banyan tree.

In this equation of laughter, there are always examples of lotus and rose flowers. Whether in the mud or in the thorns? But the flower smiles and laughs. We would like to mention the songs sung by Nepali swarsamrat late Narayan Gopal.

Whoever reaches the fields, I will swell even on the cliffs, I have become Rhododendron.

फाँटहरुले कसलाई पुग्छ भीरमा पनि फुलिदिन्छु, म त लालीगुराँसै भएछु ।

Now that we have talked so much about laughter, let us ask ourselves, how much laughter have we borrowed in our lives? Let's not forget to laugh.

Laugh with an open heart, let's laugh. If there is one thing the world lacks today, it is laughter. The day was first observed on May 6, 1998, in Mumbai, India.
Laughter is not an output, it’s a process, don't wait for reasons to smile and laugh, give it a try, it suits you, folks, it really does.

The day was first observed on May 6, 1998, in Mumbai, India. Today it also advocates world brotherhood, fraternity, and peace. So let's not forget to laugh and live in every laugh.
A thousand lives in one moment and a thousand joys in one laugh. Keep searching for happiness. If there is someone to look after, I will try smiling even in pain.

Suyog Dhakal

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