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World NGO Day

World Non-governmental Organization Day (NGO) dates back to 65 years on 27th February, the definition of NGO is first established by United Nation. The marking of this day is globally observed and proclaimed as world NGO day. This day rises awareness to recognize the importance of NGO's worldwide. The day also adds focus to the contributions made by the initiations of NGOs, its value to the globe and acknowledging the efforts of individuals and communities who have dedicated their lives to the initiations.

This day also functions as an inspiration to governments in collaborating with NGOs and also advocates for the collaboration between different NGOs. The first official acknowledgement of this day took place at the NGO forum in Lithuania, this was on 17th April 2010. The world NGO day was officially recognized by 12 different nations (Belarus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, German, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Norway and Sweden) and first time proclaimed by rest of the world UN, EU and other international network and organizations in 2014. This day manifests the strong intention of creating a synergy between global NGOs to build a strong and sustainable planet.

Nepal shares a magnificent contribution from NGO sectors, from infrastructural development to sanitation awareness, HIV awareness to palliative caring procedures, and gender equality to occupational safety promotion. Nepal, as a newer nation transformed unitary governance to federal structure, all three level of governance have taken shape. Article 59 (6) and schedule 5 (5) of Nepali constitution provisions the lead of federal government in managing and mobilizing foreign aid received from multilateral/ bilateral development partners, however local and provincial government shall be the key element in implementation and supervision of such funds. Schedule 6 (2) apparently authorizes provincial government itself to seek for funds from development partners with the consent from federal government. Local government are not authorized to receive direct foreign grants and provincial and local government both are strictly banned in receiving or accessing any sort of foreign loans.

Over 47,000 NGOs are currently registered in social welfare council, but only few thousands are actively working. Significant contributions are delivered in capacity enhancement of health workers, advocacy, awareness, education, governance and humanitarian assistance. Development partners and their interventions in Nepal are fully aligned with the sustainable goal 2030 of Nepal, our utmost wishes that the public private partnership and government NGO collaboration will result a sustainable Nepali society.

NGOs are also criticized for religious promotion and religious transforms in Nepal, political biasness and over commercialization of NGOs are also found in Nepal. Government must assimilate the positive and negative dimensions in the mobilization of development partners fund, recently government has started to take strong and meaningful steps in the channelization of development partners fund and its supervision. Wishing a very meaningful world NGO day, Namastey !

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