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Papmochini Ekadashi Wrata | World Oral Health day | International day of happiness

The moon has two phases in the lunar calendar, waxing and waning phase. Waxing phase is Shukla Paksha and waning is Krishna Paksha, Papmochini Ekadashi falls on the 11th day of waning phase on the month of Chaitra. Chaitra is the final month of the Bikram Sambat calendar. Papmochini is the 24th and last Ekadashi of the year, concluding all the Ekadashi and relaying the Ekadashi series to a new Ekadashi on the commencing year.

Devotees wake up at sunrise and take a holy bath with kush and sesame seeds, Papmochini means getting rid of the sins so these Ekadashi devotees wish is to receive eternal mercy from Lord Vishnu. People who observe fast on this day can eat milk, non-grain foods, and fruits, a day before this Ekadashi devotees pluck Tulsi leaves and offer these leaves to Lord Vishnu on the day of Ekadashi. I refer to "Vawisyottara Purana" to elaborate the history of this Ekadashi which resembles with Dwapar Yuga, the time of Krishna and Mahabharata. Krishna himself has narrated the significance of this Ekadashi to Yudhsthira, this Ekadashi is well-known for the purification of one's soul against all sins and crimes. This is an Ekadashi of commitment and spiritual upliftment, Happy and meaningful wishes on this day.

World Oral Health day

Our mouth is amazing, it helps us to eat, speak and smile confidently- to enjoy life.  The mouth is considered a mirror of health, the health of a person's oral health and hygiene is taken into consideration with his/her personality. The oral health and the health of the whole body are very close. The mouth is the mainstay of every food and hygiene, isn't it?

How can the body stay healthy if the mouth is not?

Today, it is spreading awareness of other infections and diseases related to oral health. Diabetes, cardiac disease including cardiovascular and respiratory diseases have a direct linkage to oral health. This information must be translated to the coming generations as newer generations are more inclined towards fast foods, junk foods, hot and cold foods, and beverages.

According to worldwide statistics, only 13 percent of parents take their offspring to the dentist before their first birthday.  The percentage of parents who take their child to the dentist only after the pain is 5 percent. Before the pain actually occurs, it is important for the physician to take the prevention and examination. The most important fact is to initiate hygienic behaviors and practices related to oral health. Regular dental tests, good dental protection, and healthy eating are essential things to take care of in the mouth.
Nepal brings a long history of tobacco and smoking culture, these are extremely bad for oral health.

Several commercial and cosmetic products have been complicating the simplified oral health steps, to be honest, oral health is not that complicated. Do know the perfect and scientific way to brush our teeth, wash our hands and sustain our health.

Let me ask you a simple question, how often you change your toothbrush? Changing toothbrushes in regular intervals and investing in your toothpaste and brushes are the vital practices, trust me this is not as expensive as visiting the dentist after the unbearable pain.
Regardless of your age, it's essential to take care of our mouth because mouth and health are directly connected.
Smile freely, Happy world oral health day.

International day of happiness

7 Billion People on this planet is not just a number, it's about unique 7 billion smiles, 7 billion reasons to live and smile and 7 billion definitions of being happy. The experience of life is different in 7 billion ways and so is the definition of happiness, the smile is pervasive and today (March 20th) is a day to smile and acknowledge happiness.

Happiness is a choice and hereby Hamro Patro (Nepal's most downloaded mobile app) inspires everyone out there to choose this the option of being happy.

"Happier Together" is the theme for this year "International Day of Happiness". It's, of course, a day to be happy, let's acknowledge the importance of happiness and smiles in the lives of people across the planet.

The pursuit of happiness is like the Kasturi deer's mirage, we seek it outside yet the core of happiness sustains inside ourselves. Where to find happiness, does the skill of being happy to reside inside acquiring a big car, expensive watch, big home or other materialistic achievements? The truth of being happy may not withstand here, there are plenty of faces that are sad even inside expensive cars, cruise or private jetliners. At times I find a normal pedestrian empty hand smiling flawlessly and having a newer and positive dimension towards life and surroundings, this makes me feel that happiness is not an output of materialistic achievements, this comes from within and a true sense of accepting ourselves.

Happiness can be physical and mental happiness, being able to see things positively around you, seeking and envisaging spiritual contemplation, and accepting every aspect of life with joy can be our first step towards the pursuit of happiness. Being happy is not just our need, it’s the brief summary of living, it's our right and responsibility both. Choosing to be happy is a forgotten key these days which needs to be re-embarked and celebrated again.

The single word "Happiness" is described in several ways, some call it "Fulfillment" some call it "Unification with god" some call it "Closer to nature" some define as "Peace of Mind" and so and so. Whatever you call and redefine, our persistent efforts in comforting ourselves and comforting others with compassion is happiness, the world is entirely after the search of this feeling and today is the day that declares that happiness completely rejoices within ourselves. Not in that bottle of wine, definitely not in those injections and drugs, not in any materialistic achievements, sustainable happiness truly resides after we completely accept our own dynamics of life and its unique approaches. Dear friends, let's not victimize ourselves by not being happy or by not smiling, give yourself an absolute smile, sustain that smile till eternity, the world is yours and you can smile in our own way.

Suyog Dhakal for Hamro patro 

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