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Returning the love: Loving and re loving our parents unconditionally

यो छोरा बढ्ला कमाई गर्ला दुधभात देला मलाई
यो छोरी बढ्ली कमाई गर्ली दुधभात देली मलाई

These daughters and sons will grow up and feed us, be our companions in helpless times. This is a super slogan in Nepali households, today I go direct, no roles and no diplomacies, direct and clear on the living gods, parents, and their contribution to sustain this creation. Why will be the responsibility of parents stuck only in the availability of milk rice and dal rice? These obsolete rice and milk are just metaphors, love, harmony, respect, embrace, and remembrance are based on the construction of the whole creation and the parents are the creator.

Whether you are abroad or away from your parents at home, you may have fulfilled your responsibility by sending money to your parents and giving them accommodation, but there is no limit to the responsibility and roles towards parents.

Wherever you are, what is in your hand today, use that, be it mobile or telephone or any other devices use it and say a sentence to your parents. If you are not with your parents, remember them. The fourth Sunday in July has been celebrated by American society as National Parents 'Day, which is now celebrated as World Parents' Day.

Our world matures with us, our parents are getting older as our lives are growing up, and the steps we have learned to walk holding their hands shall repeat the same thing as they grow adults and parents get elder, this transformation is life.

To give an example of a spider, a special species of spider that its own children survive on their mother's body when their children grow up. Isn't that animalistic destiny of eating the parts of one's mother?

Isn't the growing number of queues in the old age home, the old generations helpless on the streets, and the tears of the parents kept in contempt at home showing the significance of the spider's tendency in human beings?

let's embrace one of the most indelible things in the world, this is to love and respect our parents.

We would like to salute all the parents on the occasion of World Parents' Day today. There is a strange truth in the world and that is our fertility, the physical constitution of a man or a woman, and the possibility of another being like ourselves which we can simply understand as the ability or possibility of becoming a father or a mother.

Being a parent is both a responsibility and a duty while being a child is naturally both a responsibility and a duty.

Children who scatter photos on social media with different expressions on the day they see their mother's face may or may not go to talk, express affection, and meet their mother on other days. People observe various fasting but in reality, they find it annoying to feed even a single meal to their parents or in-laws at home.

It is important for everyone to understand the importance of parents. Today's children are tomorrow's parents and parenthood is a relay race. Be a good child and a good parent, utmost love.
मातृ देवो भवः
पितृ देवो भवः
Mother is god, the father is god.

Suyog Dhakal

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