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World Post day

Some things in this world are very classic and the importance of such things is always unalterable according to those traditions. The post office is just like that, sending letters, exchanging feelings and news, brightening the letterbox, interest in correspondence, photos and stickers and postcards are just as cute today as they were centuries ago.

Postcovid world welcomes the world's first postal day, October 9, 2020, very different and unique from the early days of the post office. Let's talk about the postal background today.

World Postal Day is celebrated on October 9 every year. World Postal Day was celebrated in 1969 to commemorate the formation of the International Postal Union in Tokyo, Japan in 1874, two hundred years ago.

The format of communication began with the postal service. Family members who went to the Muglans (Foreign work) or the city used the post office to communicate with them. Many postmen have spent their lives delivering letters and news, and today is a day to remember them. Postmen were given special attention when they stayed in the village at night and they were the ones who were the radio, TV, the internet of that time. To deliver the letter at night, the postmen used to walk in the village with the letter bag, so they had to stay overnight.

In the absence of comfortable hotels like now, the postmen were settled in Nepal with the first acceptance. People used to make maximum use of literacy while reading letters and doing calculations. The components of a slow society have changed into a rapidly running one but the structure is the same.

You don't have to ask, "My postman, my letter has arrived," but we all wake up in the morning and look at emails and messengers on the Internet. The letter and the message are the same, only the carrier and the dynamics have changed. Many of us have written letters on various subjects as per the questions asked in the practice of writing letters on linguistic subjects, right?

But this generation will never forget the picture and fascination of the post office. Even school children have learned to write letters to their grandparents, mothers, or friends during the practice of writing at school. Happy World Postal Day to all, we need to keep this service of history alive and pass it on to future generations, why not?

Suyog Dhakal

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