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World Wildlife Day

Every year, on March 3, the World Community celebrates World Wildlife Day to raise awareness on protecting all wildlife and plants found in the world.
The earth is a common place for every creature and plant in the world, the protection, promotion and presence of all creatures and plants is the responsibility of human beings.

Nepal also has a history of destruction and illegal killing of animals and plants due to the activities of theft hunters, importers and smugglers. Since every creature has its own importance and contribution to the ecosystem of the world environment, protection of all beings is essential today. For the sustainability of of human life, it is important to protect the wildlife and the plants.

The international trade of wild animals and plants was discussed at a conference in the early 1990s on behalf of the UN member by the state of Thailand. This discussion was stated as CITIES, Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species . According to CITIES, around 8 species of animals and 49 species of plants are in extinction due to international trade. These animals and plants should be safe and international trade is to be largely controlled.
Today is a day to remember the exciting contribution of CITIES to the control of those endangered species.

The theme of world wildlife day 2020 is "Sustaining all life on earth" acknowledging the presence of all wild animals and plants for the sustainability of human lives.  Remembering and honoring all those who are working to preserve and uplift the development of wildlife and good wishes for the coming days.

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