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Five reasons to send money through Hamro Patro Remit

Reason 1: High Exchange Rate
Hamro Patro Remit gives you the best exchange rates when sending money to Nepal. In fact, it is higher than other popular alternatives. With a high exchange rate, your friend and family will get more money and you get better value for your dollar.

Reason 2: Fast and Easy
The fund you remit will be delivered within one business day. It’s that fast and hassle-free. Hamro Patro Remit requires you to fill in the basic information for just the initial transaction. The next time you would need to remit the funds, just a few clicks would be enough.

Reason 3: Low Transfer Fees
We charge a very low fee when sending money to Nepal. There are other alternatives that may give you free transfer but at a very low exchange rate. In such cases, your family will get less money and you get less value for your money. Hamro Patro Remit is committed to providing the most affordable remit services. As Hamro Patro Remit is completely digital, with the absence of agents in between, our operating costs are low and we pass on those savings to you so that you can enjoy low fees and high exchange rates.

Reason 4: Secure and Reliable
With over more than a decade of operation and consistently evolving, Hamro Patro has definitely made a mark amongst the Nepalese. Therefore, Hamro Patro's remit aims to give the best service you deserve. Ensuring the remitted funds to the bank accounts are safe, secure, and reliable.

Reason 5: Cashless and Convenient
Hamro Patro Remit deposit your funds to your recipient bank account directly. Your recipient will no longer have to agent to collect funds. The money will be deposited into the bank account of your choice, and they will get an SMS notification when the transfer is completed.

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