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Procedure to remit fund via Hamro Patro

In order to transfer fund via Hamro Patro here are the following procedures : 
1. Go to the Home Page of Hamro Patro

As you open the Hamro Patro home page scroll downwards and click on the remit icon.

If this is the first transaction that you are about to perform, there are a few one time procedures you will need to complete.

Sign In Process:
1. On the top right corner you will see a Sign In button.
2. Click on it
3. You could sign in through your google, facebook or twitter account.
4. As you sign in you will be directed towards remit’s dashboard.
5. You will now have to register yourself.

Registration Process:
1. Click on the register now button.
2. Enter your basic information.
3. Enter your phone number.
4. Enter the state that you are based in.
5. Click on the continue button.

Having completed this procedure allows you to register yourself.

The next step would lead you to verification of your phone.

Phone Verification:
1. If the phone number you have entered is correct, click on the send button in order to receive the OTP.
2. You will receive an SMS to enter the OTP.
3. Enter the OTP and click on the verified received code.

As your phone gets verified now you will be directed towards setting up the account. Now you can Setup the account
1. Fill up the form with the right details in the options or with the right information where you will be required to give the information yourself.
2. Lastly, agree and click on submit.

Fund Remit
1. If you are sending money to yourself click on myself or others click on friends and family.
2. Fill up the necessary details required.
3. Click continue after the procedure.
4. Type the amount you want to remit. You can view the U.S. dollar amount getting converted to Nepalese Rupees as per the current exchange rate.
5. Select the payment method and click save on changes.
6. Fill in the bank’s information of the receiver.
7. Click on the option you are remitting the money through. Either bank or card. 
8. You will be required to put in the required details for the option you choose. 
9. Click on the add new bank and fill in the details.
10. Click on the continue button, this would allow you to add the bank of your choice. 
11. You will be required to write a short note on the objective of the fund remit.
12. Click continue and review the transfer details and click on continue.
13. Agree the terms and conditions and click on make transfer.

Congratulations you have successfully transferred the fund.

Tracking the transaction

You can now track your transaction with precise details.

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