Dr. Reet Poudel

Kathmandu, Nepal

MD Psychiatry; Fellowship Psycho-Sexual Medicine

Dr Reet Poudel stands as a distinguished consultant in Psychiatry and Sexual Medicine, boasting an impressive background in the field of mental and sexual health. His academic journey began with the completion of his MBBS degree from Kathmandu University, followed by an MD in Psychiatry from Tribhuvan University, Nepal. Further augmenting his expertise, he embarked on a one-year Fellowship in Psycho-Sexual Medicine. Dr Poudel holds the distinction of being Nepal's first Sexologist to possess both an MD and a Fellowship degree. As an accomplished practitioner, Dr Poudel excels in diagnosing and effectively treating a wide range of mental disorders. However, his true specialization lies in addressing various sexual health issues and problems that individuals may face. From the complexities of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation to the intricacies of nocturnal emissions, low libido in males and females, sexual disorders/dysfunctions, and even gender identity and dysphoria, Dr Poudel has honed his skills to provide comprehensive counseling and therapy services. Dr Poudel has made substantial contributions to scientific literature, with numerous published journal articles and book chapters in the domains of mental and sexual health. His expertise has garnered him membership in esteemed organizations such as the Psychiatrists' Association of Nepal (PAN), the International Society of Sexual Medicine (ISSM), and the Nepalese Association of Social Psychiatry (NASP). Additionally, he takes on the role of editor for the Journal of Psychiatrists' Association of Nepal (JPAN), further showcasing his commitment to advancing knowledge in his field. Recognizing his exceptional capabilities, Dr. Poudel achieved the notable position of Associate Professor at Nepalgunj Medical College, where he served as a Consultant in Psychiatry and Sexual Medicine. Recently he has shifted his practice to Kathmandu and currently works at Shree Birendra Hospital, Chhauni and Clinic Nepal (Nepal Lab House) Pingalasthan, Gausala, Kathmandu. One of Dr. Poudel's noteworthy contributions to the sexual medicine landscape of Nepal was the establishment of the country's first clinic entirely dedicated to sexual health and human sexuality. Named the ""Sexual Wellness Clinic,"" this facility was initiated at Nepalgunj Medical College in Kohalpur. Operating on a fixed-day basis, the clinic provided specialized medical support and guidance for individuals seeking assistance with various aspects of human sexuality.

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